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Dead-End Traditions, 4

Chapter Three of my book Simple Healing begins with just one of the pious notions I had to get rid of before I could do healing prayer with solid confidence. My childhood pastor, a well-meaning, reverent man, taught that modern Christians donít need divine healing "because now we have physicians."

Really? Sick Christians are suffering and dying all over the globe. Not enough physicians? That may be part of the problem, but the rest of it is that doctors--bless them--arenít God. What if every sick Christian on earth could "get it" that Jesus Christ the Healer is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8), and that His blessings are for all His people in every age? Imagine what the global results would be!

Meanwhile, let's wind up the discussion with a few more "faith-busters."

No question about His will to heal

But we have a duty to pray "If it be Thy will," donít we? Yes, when weíre not sure about the Lordís will, or when weíre surrendering our will to His. But thereís no question about His will to heal. Scripture teaches that God wills all people to be saved (1 Timothy 2:24). And the original sense of salvation (soteria in Greek) includes healing, deliverance, protection, and everything else consistent with eternal life.

Then why do Christians get sick in the first place? Unhealthy habits aside, itís usually because they havenít learned the Good News of how to stay well. Christians are responsible for praying heavenís blessings down to earth, and if we donít do it--for whatever reason--we have to live with the consequences. Even great saints have died sick, not because they lacked faith, but because tradition kept them from applying their faith effectively.

Many barriers to healing

But if prayer brings healing, why arenít all praying Christians healed? Again, itís not because God doesnít want to heal them. As Iíve been arguing, the unbelief of the Church as a whole puts up many barriers to healing and sometimes there isnít time to break them all down. And though we donít blame sick people for being sick, any Christian seeking health has to deal
with prayer-blocks like fear, double-mindedness, unforgiveness, disobedience, and just giving up.

When God has satisfied us with long life

Then how come we all die anyway? The Bible teaches that "It is appointed to man once to die, and after that the judgment" (Hebrews 9:27). What the Bible does not say is that we have to die sick. I believe thereís a normal, natural way for a Christian to leave this world. We slow down gradually and comfortably, and when God has satisfied us with long life, we slip out of our bodies and go home to Him (see Psalm 91:16).

Dear ones, please take to heart the Living Bibleís translation of James 1:17. In a single sentence it cancels every dead-end tradition you can think of: "But whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God, the Creator of all light, and he shines forever without change or shadow." No change! No shadow! Nothing "mysterious!"

Letís begin this New Year by celebrating the blessed truth that our Lord is always the source of life and health, and never the source of anything less!

                                                                                     óMary Graff  

Don't forget that . . .

God should be our first resort, not our last resort. Start taking time right now to build up the faith you need to receive His healing.

God is ready to heal us in every wayóspiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

God heals all types of disease, pain, sorrow, and infirmity. Nothing is too hard for Him.

God wants us to be healed, to be "whole" persons enjoying abundant life.

God expects us to cooperate with Him in getting healedóthrough medicine, diet, exercise, and straight thinking. Everything that promotes healing is a gift from Him.

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