MGHM Healing Brief, 2/12

Facts Versus Truth

The British healing evangelist Colin Urquhart points out that "Facts are facts, but they are not the ultimate truth for believers. . . . [because] God has the power to change the facts. . . . Jesus approached every situation knowing that the resources of Godís heavenly kingdom were available to Him. He put His faith not in the facts but in the truth that could change the facts" (Handbook on Healing, 29, 31).

So it may be a fact, for example, that you woke up this morning with the sniffles, but the truth is that perfect health belongs to you under your Covenant with God. How do you overcome the temporary fact with the permanent truth? Youíve heard the answer many times: by speaking the truth of your healing until the power of God, transmitted by your words, has sent those sniffles back to their rightful owner.

Stick to your confession

When you speak healing and stick to your confession, youíll soon discover that the facts of your case have no more permanence than a cloud covering the sun. But of course, at the moment you take your stand for Godís Truth, the enemy will try to get you stuck on the facts. Youíll hear high-toned prattle like this, and lots more:

Are you really simple-minded enough to think you can get rid of that tumor by speaking to it? After all, your Aunt Mabel and Uncle Horace both died of cancer, and they were model Christians. Do you really think you have a better grip on spiritual matters than they did? Besides, there isnít a shred of scientific evidence that "confession," as you call it, can change anything.

Your confession is a threat to him

Your response: "Fly away, Satan. By Jesusí stripes Iím healed."

But you know very well that any serious practitioner of medicine would laugh at the idea that you can talk yourself out of a disease. Did you tell your friends about this obsession of yours? Did they smile and shake their heads? Does your pastor preach healing by faith? No? Donít you think he knows more about theology than you do?

Your response: "Out the door, Satan. By Jesusí stripes Iím healed."

Dear one, the very fact that the devil takes such pains to discourage you shows that your confession is a threat to him. Stick to it. Bullheaded insistence on your Covenant rights is the name of the game, regardless of what the facts of your condition may be. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply "hanging in there."

Your Primary Physician

By all means take your medicine and obey your doctorís orders. All healing is from God. Just remember that the Lord is your Primary Physician, and avoid putting your faith in changeable facts instead of the unchanging truth. As Kenneth Hagin notes, when the devil realizes that youíre determined to keep confessing your healing even with one foot in the grave, you wonít have long to wait for the manifestation of what youíre praying for.

                                                                                     óMary Graff  

Don't forget that . . .

God should be our first resort, not our last resort. Start taking time right now to build up the faith you need to receive His healing.

God is ready to heal us in every wayóspiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

God heals all types of disease, pain, sorrow, and infirmity. Nothing is too hard for Him.

God wants us to be healed, to be "whole" persons enjoying abundant life.

God expects us to cooperate with Him in getting healedóthrough medicine, diet, exercise, and straight thinking. Everything that promotes healing is a gift from Him.

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