MGHM Healing Brief, 5/12

Tips on Working the Word, 1

No human need is so small that it falls outside shalom, "wholeness," the fruit of our healing covenant with God. Everything is provided for by the sacrifice of Jesus: "He Himself took [in order to carry away] our weaknesses and infirmities and bore away our diseases" (Matthew 8:17, Amplified). This basic message is echoed in countless verses in both Testaments.

In short, whatever weighs you down--whatever sickness, weakness, pain, depression, workplace misery, ongoing financial crisis, destructive habit or attitude you may be dragging through life--Jesus has taken it to the Cross and disposed of it, along with every other work of the devil.

All our troubles are covered

Now, since all our troubles are covered by the New Covenant, itís tempting to resort to vague, generalized prayers: "Lord, the Bible says youíve taken away our weaknesses, and I ask you to take away mine." But in a spiritual war we need to be specific in working the Word, or our faith wonít be released properly.

Hereís a case in point. Suppose you have a problem with arthritis in your knees, one of a thousand possible weaknesses summed up in Matthew 8:17. Release the power of heaven into your body by praying for exactly what you need: "Lord God, I thank you that youíve taken the arthritis from my knees, and that your strength is flowing into them." Or, "Lord, I thank you that youíve borne away my arthritis, and that your power is at work in my knees to make them whole."

All God's promises are "yes"

Go ahead and substitute for arthritis anything that qualifies as a weakness or an infirmity--from fibromyalgia to an out-of-control appetite for sweets--when you use this verse.

Since all Godís promises are "yes" in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20) you can use Old Testament Scriptures the same way. One of my favorites is Psalm 29:11 (Amplified): "The Lord will give [unyielding and impenetrable] strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace [shalom]." 

Letís say youíre dealing with depression. Psalm 29:11 is a natural, with its promise of shalom (peace, well-being, health, contentment, success, comfort, wholeness, integrity). You can pray, "Lord God, your Word says that you will bless your people with peace, comfort, contentment, and wholeness. Iím one of your people, Lord, and I thank you that your gift of shalom is driving out my depression and the evil spirits behind it."

Whatever Word you choose

Or--weaknesses and infirmities aside for the moment--you can use this text simply to build your faith: "Thank you, Lord, that youíre giving impenetrable and unyielding strength to my faith in your willingness to heal me."

Whatever Word you choose to work, remember that confessing it over any problem is a matter of (a) aligning your will with the will of God, and then (b) releasing your faith to conduct His power to your specific need. Vague, generalized prayers wonít do it, dear one. We have to say what we mean.

                                                                                     óMary Graff  

Don't forget that . . .

God should be our first resort, not our last resort. Start taking time right now to build up the faith you need to receive His healing.

God is ready to heal us in every wayóspiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

God heals all types of disease, pain, sorrow, and infirmity. Nothing is too hard for Him.

God wants us to be healed, to be "whole" persons enjoying abundant life.

God expects us to cooperate with Him in getting healedóthrough medicine, diet, exercise, and straight thinking. Everything that promotes healing is a gift from Him.

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