MGHM Healing Brief, 7/12

Understanding the Covenants

Youíve heard it dozens of times: "If God wants people healed, why doesnít He just heal them? Why all this Covenant stuff?"

Letís begin our answer with a simple proposition: God is perfectly holy, and because Heís holy He canít bless sin without working against Himself. But since He wants to bless us, He has to find a way to do it without violating His own principles. The Bible describes two solutions: the Old Covenant and the New Covenant--essentially Godís "old contract" and "new contract" with His people.

God's blessings stopped flowing

Earth in its original perfection was a kind of incubator where people were to grow into a free, loving relationship with the Lord. But when the first humans misused their freedom by selling out to the enemy, the earth was cut off spiritually from its Creator. Godís blessings stopped flowing, and a world-wide curse was all that was left.

So how could God win back the human race without invading human freedom and without breaking His own rules? Since the Lord meets people "where they are," the method He used to begin with Israel was the standard form of solemn agreement in the ancient Near East, the blood covenant. Covenant sacrifices, coupled with repentance and obedience, opened the door to Godís promises. They made it possible for Him to bless the Israelites without undermining His own interests.

Jesus is your insurance

Getting and staying healthy under the Old Covenant was no easy matter. To do it, the Israelites had to keep countless dietary, sanitary, and religious rules, along with constant priestly sacrifice. The rite for the cleansing of leprosy, for example, goes on for most of two chapters in Leviticus. So we can thank God that His first healing covenant was only a temporary arrangement, leading Israel (and all humanity) to the New Covenant in Christ Jesus.

The book of Hebrews claims that the New Covenant is better than the Old (7:22). Why? Because all Godís promises in both Testaments are "yes" in Christ Jesus, guaranteed by one perfect sacrifice. If youíre in covenant with the Father through Jesus, every benefit offered in Scripture belongs to you as Godís child. Jesus is your insurance against sin, sickness, and whatever makes your life less than abundant.

                                           The best news of all

For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ]. For this reason we also utter the Amen . . . to God through Him . . . to the glory of God (2 Corinthians 1:20, Amplified).

This is Good News, right? And the best news of all is that your enjoyment of these blessings as a Christian doesnít depend on (a) your own sacrifices, (b) how "good" you can be by your own effort, or (c) your power, prestige, and income (Acts 10:34).

The bottom line is that Jesusí sacrifice brings us all the benefits of the Old Covenant without its complicated requirements. The New Covenant comes entirely free of charge, and itís available to anyone who confesses Jesus as Lord and lives in His simple rhythm of repentance, cleansing, and restoration.

                                                                                  --Mary Graff  

Don't forget that . . .

God should be our first resort, not our last resort. Start taking time right now to build up the faith you need to receive His healing.

God is ready to heal us in every way--spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

God heals all types of disease, pain, sorrow, and infirmity. Nothing is too hard for Him.

God wants us to be healed, to be "whole" persons enjoying abundant life.

God expects us to cooperate with Him in getting healed--through medicine, diet, exercise, and straight thinking. Everything that promotes healing is a gift from Him.

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