MGHM Healing Briefs 

Each month, MGHM offers a fresh "Healing Brief," a one-page teaching about God's provision for our total well-being. It's a quick reminder that we can face the day knowing that Jesus Christ has paid for the healing of our bodies, minds, spirits, relationships, and any other legitimate concern we can name.

Click on the title of the Brief that interests you:

December 2007: "The Healing Has Already Been Done"
January 2008:
"The Healing-Producing Words of God"
February 2008:
"A Comprehensive 'Deliverance Package'"
March 2008:
"The Cleansing Blood of Jesus"
April 2008: "Moving Difficult 'Mountains'"

May 2008: "Never Give Up!"
June 2008: "Healing by Command"
July 2008: "Gaze at the Cross"
August 2008: "Going on the Attack"

September 2008: "The Great Lift-Off"
October 2008: "Storing Up the Word"
November 2008: "Standing Our Ground"
December 2008: "Complete Well-Being"

January 2009: "How to Get Healing Faith"
February 2009: "Using the Word as a Hammer"
March 2009: "Deep Cleansing"
April 2009: "Never Give Up on the Healing Word"

May 2009: "What We Say is What We Get"
June 2009: "We Are Already Healed"
July 2009: "What About Paul's Thorn?"
August 2009: "How to Heal Negativity"

September/October 2009: "Nail Down Your Healing"
November 2009: "Releasing God's Power"
December 2009: "Forgiveness and Healing"

January 2010: "Curing Unbelief"
February 2010: "Sowing and Reaping Health"
March 2010: "God's Will Is Wholeness"
April 2010: "Wholeness Is More Than a Cure"

May 2010: "Declare War on the Devil"
June 2010: "The Benefits of Everyday Faith"
July 2010: "Unhealthy Traditions"
August 2010: "Assert Your Authority"

September 2010: "The Sword of the Spirit"
October 2010: "Working the Word"
November 2010: "Focus Your Faith"
December 2010: "Faith and Love"

January 2011: "'I Will Be There'"
February 2011: "Staying on Good Terms with God"
March 2011: "Deep Cleansing Is Part of Healing"
April 2011: "Build on the Rock"

May 2011: "Planting the Healing Word, Part 1"
June 2011: "Planting the Healing Word, Part 2"
July 2011: "The Blood of Jesus"
August 2011: "Praying for Others"

September 2011: "How Much Faith Is Enough?"
October 2011: "What Faith Is Not"
November 2011: "Stand Firm"
December 2011: "On Earth as in Heaven, Part 1"

January 2012: "On Earth as in Heaven, Part 2"
February 2012: "Facts Versus Truth"
March 2012: "God's Protective Covering"
April 2012: "Faith-Building"

May 2012: "Tips on Working the Word, 1"
June 2012: "Tips on Working the Word, 2"
July 2012: "Understanding the Covenants"
August 2012: "Where Are the Nine?"

September 2012: "Tips on Working the Word, 3"
October 2012: "Pulling Down Strongholds, Part 1"
November 2012: "Pulling Down Strongholds, Part 2"
December 2012: "Wait for the Lord"

January 2013: "Casting Our Cares"
February 2013: "Expect What You Ask For"
March 2013: "Good Health and Toxic Thinking"
April 2013: "Why Speak It?"

May 2013: "Free from Emotional Pain"
June 2013: "Complete Healing, No Limits"
July 2013: "More on Complete Healing"
August 2013: "Keep It Simple"

September 2013: "About Those 'Normal' Weaknesses"
October 2013: "Dead-End Traditions, 1"
November 2013: "Dead-End Traditions, 2"
December 2013: "Dead-End Traditions, 3"

January 2014: "Dead-End Traditions, 4"
February 2014: "More on Praying for Others"
March 2014: "About God's Timing"
April 2014: "Battle Scriptures, 1"

May 2014: "Battle Scriptures, 2"
June 2014: "On the Same Page as God"
July 2014: "Dealing with Persecution"
August 2014: "Dealing with Condemnation"

September 2014:
"How Not to Wait on the Lord"
October 2014: "Listening to the Spirit"
November 2014: "Halfway to Wholeness"
December 2014: "The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle"

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                                                           --Mary Graff


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"