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"Surely He has borne 
away our sicknesses . . ."

About the Ministry

Mary Graff Healing Ministries is a teaching ministry, pioneering a Bible-based approach to health and wholeness that involves the active participation of the believer. We teach Christians how to

  • Find the healing Word of God and

  • Apply it to their daily lives through faith, in order to

  • Receive and maintain wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.

Videos/Articles (click here or on the toolbar above), will take you to a wealth of free teaching materials on healing by faith. Television/Outreach presents our TV schedule along with a description of our special ministries. See also our Organization page, our Statement of Beliefs, and our Products.

About Mary Graff

During her thirty-year career as a teacher of Christian healing, Mary has served as director of an interdenominational ministry and hosted (for two decades) a weekly half-hour television

program in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Mary's TV ministry has been the basis of a library of instructional videos as well as various publications, including Healing and Faith, Set the Captives Free, and her new book Simple Healing (more information here). 

Mary emphasizes that she is a teacher, not a faith-healer; her ministry is to share the Good News of healing by faith, but the healing is from God. Mary's teaching materials, thoroughly field-tested at Christian retreats and churches in Minnesota, bear the hallmark of her ministry, a down-to-earth, compassionate approach to people struggling with all types of physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Contact Information

Please share your thoughts and testimonies; we'd love to hear from you. Write or e-mail us to join our mailing and e-mail lists. 

Our e-mail address is info@mghm.org . Longer correspondence and financial contributions may be sent to

  • Mary Graff Healing Ministries, P.O. Box 411, Lakeville, MN 55044

Contributions are tax-deductible; for more info, see our How to Help page, including a formal statement about Our Organization (still incorporated under its historic name, St. John's Healing Center) and our Privacy Policy

"God's Word Brings Our Healing"