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Celebrate with us! Check out our new Open Meetings, below, and mark your calendar. . .

Mary Graff
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                Mark your calendar!

Get ready to celebrate Spring with us at our new Open Meetings! Our next experiment with the new format will be on Thursday, May 3 at 7 p.m. Come and be blessed! You'll enjoy powerful praise and worship, a brand-new teaching by Mary, and team prayer for your specific personal needs.

The address is Community of Hope, 14401 Biscayne Avenue, Rosemount, Minnesota--a few steps to the meeting room from the main door of the church. Click here for a map to Rosemount--and please join us!

Healing is already yours...

The Bible makes clear that by God's grace you  are set free from every evil (I John 5:18) including infirmities and disease (Matthew 8:17), fear  (II Timothy 1:7), grief (Isaiah 53:4), poverty (II Corinthians 8:9), and condemnation (Romans 8:1).

These Scriptures are the basis of Mary's weekly broadcasts on two regional TV networks--now available online at your convenience. For free and easy access, click on the large blue links below.

So get the whole picture...

It's a blessing to know that "being saved" guarantees us a home in heaven, but wonderful though that assurance is, there's much, much more! The Bible makes clear that salvation, soteria, is the gift of wholeness starting right now--nothing missing, nothing broken. 

The Church needs to rediscover that (a) sickness is never Godís will--sick bodies or minds, sick relationships, even sick finances; (b) healing of these troubles is always Godís will; and (c) complete healing already belongs to us in Christ. How do we get "from here to there"? A click or two will take you to one of the largest collections of healing resources on the Web--all free of charge.

To get started with thirty foundational teachings, just click here.

Or, if you're in the mood to do your own exploring, click here, where you'll find over 200 of Mary's half-hour broadcasts on Vimeo. Watch or download as many as you please.

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