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". . . and carried away
our pains."

MGHM Video Library

A "click" or two will bring you the cream of Mary’s 300-plus broadcasts, two decades of television ministry in Minnesota's Twin Cities and a year-long nationwide pilot project on the Inspiration Network.

The thirty programs on this site run about a half-hour apiece. Mary's teaching is strictly consistent with God’s Word. The essential idea is that when believers use the Word faithfully in prayer, they automatically plug into the Lord's healing power (see Romans 1:16). Any Christian can do it--no need for credentials or theological training.

Twelve half-hour videos lay out the core message in Healing by Faith: The Basics, dealing with our authority as Christians, the healing power of the Word, how to build our faith, and how to put it to work. Eighteen classic programs in MGHM Video Archives expand on these fundamental teachings.

The Basics are here, the Archives here.


MGHM Healing Briefs

Each of Mary's Healing Briefs is a quick, no-nonsense teaching that can be printed out on a single page and read in less than three minutes. Every Brief is based on the understanding that Christians of any age and background can pray effectively for themselves and others; it’s not necessary to be a pastor or an evangelist.

All aspects of healing by faith are covered—from nourishing your spirit with the Word to binding your spiritual adversary. You can use any Brief for your personal devotions or print multiple copies for group study. 

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Healing by Faith: Introductory Articles


1: "Your Healing Contract with God." Too many of us have grown up in churches where the forgiveness of sin is preached thoroughly but the healing of sickness is barely mentioned. It's high time for us to understand that God has provided, not just for our sins, but for every part of our lives that's giving us trouble. [Full text here.]

2: "Jesus Died for Our Sicknesses." Many Christians are alarmed by the idea that we're entitled to expect healing from God. The idea seems presumptuous, as if we aren't leaving room for God's sovereignty. But there's a solid Biblical basis for our confidence. [Full text here.]

3: "When Healing is Delayed." When people wonder why healing hasn't come from God in the way they expected, what should our response be? The question has troubled Christians for 2000 years, and there's not much consolation in the usual answers. But Scripture suggests an explanation that will be a comfort to you. [Full text here.] 

"God's Word Brings Our Healing"