Introductory Articles

1. Your Healing Contract with God

Most Christians don't know it, but you and I who belong to Jesus Christ have a healing contract with Almighty God. As far as God is concerned, He has already healed us. He did this when He sent Jesus Christ to the cross two thousand years ago to die for our sins and sicknesses.

God has already healed you. He has already provided for your complete and total healing--body, spirit, mind, emotions, relationships, finances, everything else that's dragging you down.

When Isaiah writes, "By his stripes you are healed," he's setting forth God's part of the contract--the agreement, in other words. When the Psalmist writes, "Who healeth all thy diseases," he's presenting God's part of the agreement. When Matthew writes, "He took our infirmities and bore away our diseases," he, too, is laying out God's part of the agreement. When Peter writes, "By his wounds you were healed," he's giving us God's part of the contract.

God's part of the contract

When God sent Jesus to the cross to die for us, He had in mind the complete, total salvation and healing of all of us. We know that it's impossible for God to lie, because He is sinless. Therefore, if God writes that "By His stripes you are healed" in Isaiah and "By his stripes you were healed" in Peter, then it should be clear that you were and are healed.

God's part of the contract is made plain in these words, Mark 11:23 (KJV): ". . . whosoever shall say unto this mountain [of sickness and pain], Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith."

God's part of the contract is very clear and to the point. If we talk to the mountain of sickness and pain, we will get results and we will be healed. God has already done this for each of us. His part of the contract is very clear, very sure, very exact.

Our part of this healing contract

It is also timeless. God's healing has been in place for His children ever since Jesus died on the cross. It has not changed one bit for almost two thousand years. It is a certainty that His part of the contract is solid, and can be counted on by every one of us.

Our part of this healing contract needs to be just as firm and sure as God's part. Often, however, it is not. First, many Christians don't even know that such an agreement exists. If they do, they don't understand their part it.

We Christians have a part in God's healing agreement, in order to make it work in our lives. Our part of the contract is to believe God's Word on healing, to talk the healing, and then to walk in the healing.

We need to study the Word ourselves

First, we are called to believe God's Word on healing. Unfortunately, many of us have not grown up in churches where this part of the gospel is even preached, much less believed by the church members.

To get ourselves straightened out, we need to hear competent teaching on the subject of healing. We need to study the Word ourselves to see exactly what God has provided. In doing so, we'll become strong in faith, able to believe the healing promises of Scripture.

Next, we need to talk the healing. By this I mean precisely that we need to repeat the healing Scriptures aloud, so that in hearing them we build them into our memory banks and our spirits. Simply reading them out loud a few times a day will cause this to happen. We can also pray the Scriptures aloud each day, building faith in our hearts to believe and receive the healing Word.

We need to walk in healing

Finally, we need to walk in healing. Our actions must reflect our words and our faith. For example, if we've been praying God to heal us of a gluttonous appetite reflecting an obsession with food, we need to act as if the prayer is answered, turning from the obsessive appetite that has controlled us.

We can do this by taking smaller portions of everything, eliminating certain foods from our diets such as pie and ice cream, avoiding tempting recipes, not cooking and baking fattening things, staying out of chocolate stores, and so on. Any number of actions will line up with our prayer that God will release us from food-bondage.

In addition to believing His Word on healing, talking it, and walking in it, we can also prepare ourselves to receive healing by doing one more thing. The "one more thing" is to FORGIVE if we have anything against anyone.

Forgiveness is a necessity

According to Mark 11:22-26 we can have anything we ask for in prayer if we believe we receive it, if we believe that whatsoever we say shall come to pass, and if we do not doubt in our hearts that we will have the answer to our prayer. There is another condition laid down, however, to answered prayers, and that is to FORGIVE others.

I write this word in caps because it's the most frequent blockage to answered prayer. Unforgiveness causes many people to stumble in seeking God for healing or anything else. Forgiveness is a necessity for our receiving answers to our prayers.

Look at Mark 11:22-26. Mark writes, "And when you stand and pray, forgive anything you may have against anyone, so that your Father in Heaven will forgive the wrongs you have done." (Good News Bible) Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you, harmed you, made you mad, stolen from you, despised you, and so on. Think of all the bad and evil which has been done against you. Think of the persons who have done these things to you, and then forgive.

A promise made to each of His precious children

There is no healing that happens without forgiveness. By that I mean both the forgiveness of our own sins by God himself and our forgiveness of the sins of others against us. Forgive if you want healing. There's absolutely no way around the issue.

Our contract with God, then, is a sure thing. He cannot lie, so His part is rock-solid, a promise made to each of His precious children--made to every one of us. Our part of the contract or agreement must be set in motion by our believing God's words on healing, talking these words, walking according to them, and forgiving everyone who has trespassed against us.

It's that simple! 

                                                                                          --Mary Graff


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"