Introductory Articles

3. When Healing is Delayed

What do we say to people when God doesn't heal in the way we expected? What do we say to people when the healing doesn't come within the expected time-frame? 

What do we say to people when we pray for the healing of someone's body and God heals the emotions or the spirit instead? 

Does that mean we've failed in our praying, and that God's power is no longer available to heal people? Does it mean that God has failed? Of course not!

These are eternal promises

God has promised healing to His children. The scripture says that "by His wounds you were healed." The scripture says that "He [Jesus] took our infirmities and bore our diseases." The scripture says that "Surely He has born our griefs [sicknesses] and carried our sorrows [pains]." 

These are eternal promises from God Himself. He expects us to believe His Word and trust in the healing that He has provided.

We humans are body, mind. and spirit. God is concerned about all three parts. Sometimes we pray for people and God heals the spirit part of the person first . . . that is, He restores the person to a loving, strong, personal relationship with Him before He touches the body or the mind. 

Our job is simply to believe

At other times when we pray for people, God heals the body, but the spirit and mind remain untouched. On still other occasions we pray for healing and God heals the mind or emotional part of the person, but the spiritual healing and the physical healing follow later after more prayer.

We have learned over years of praying for the sick that we don't control the way in which God heals. Nor do we control the time-frame or the "when" of healing. God simply asks us to PRAY for the sick and leave the "how" and "when" up to Him. 

He has promised us that "by His wounds we are healed." How He does the healing and when He does it are up to Him, not us. Our job is simply to believe and trust Him to do what He says in His word He will do. After all--He's God!

                                                                                           --Mary Graff


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"