Healing Prayers

". . . and the Lord
shall raise him up."

An Introduction to Healing Prayer

You'll notice that the prayers suggested below--the Prayer for Salvation, the short Prayer Bytes for Busy People, and the Longer Healing Prayers--are all solidly grounded in God's Biblical promises. In praying for health, the first thing we need to do is take a firm stand on these healing Scriptures.

How? Basically, it's a matter of getting the healing Scriptures in front of our eyes, taking them into our minds, and planting them deep in our spirits. We build and release our faith by saying the healing Scriptures, praying the healing Scriptures, and believing the healing Scriptures until we've received the health that God has promised us.  [continue...]

A Prayer for Salvation

When we receive salvation from God, it's much more than a "pass" into heaven. The Greek word for salvation in the New Testament is soteria. It includes eternal rescue from sin and its consequences, of course, but the word also means "healing,"  

"preservation," and "deliverance." And the Scripture makes very clear that this salvation isn't automatic. We have to receive it by a deliberate decision. If you haven't yet received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can do it right now, in these words based on Romans 10:9-10, or in words of your own:

"Jesus, I accept You as my Lord and Savior. I acknowledge that You are the Son of God and that You died for me. I believe in my heart that You were raised from the dead. Therefore, I am saved. I thank You, Heavenly Father, for my salvation, in the name of my living Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen."

Prayer Bytes for Busy People

Say these scriptures aloud and pray the prayer aloud.

PROVERBS 4:22: ". . . for they [God's words] are life to those who find them." 
Prayer: "Your healing words are life to me, Lord God. Amen."

PROVERBS 4:22: ". . . and they [God's words] are cure [medicine] to all their flesh."
Prayer: "Your words on healing cure my very flesh. Thank you, Lord God."

PSALM 107:20a: "He sent forth his word and healed them."
Prayer: "You have sent me your healing word in the scripture and your words have healed me. Amen."

[continue. . .]

Longer Healing Prayers

Pray these prayers out loud whenever they come to mind. The first three are based on Isaiah 53:4-5 and Matthew 8:17. The prayers for forgiveness, a key element of healing, are based on Mark 11:25-26 and Romans 2:1-4.

"Jesus, I believe that You suffered and died for me, and rose again to new life. I believe that You took it all--sin, sickness, grief, sorrow, demons, and all oppression. You took it all and suffered in my place so I do not need to suffer. The Word of God says so, and His Word is true. I release all pain and sickness to You. Thank You, Lord, for taking it. Amen."


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"