Healing Prayers

An Introduction to Healing Prayer (continued)

I call this process healing by faith in the Word of God. Any Christian can believe the Word and receive its benefits. You don't need credentials. Mainstream Christians, charismatic Christians, children, old folks--anyone who will believe God's Covenant Word and confess it in faith will get healing results.

As you pray and confess the Word, remember that you're not just "rattling off Scriptures." Bible-based healing prayer is a conversation with God, your Creator and Sustainer. Just as in a conversation with your earthly father, prayer time with your Heavenly Father is both talking and listening. Prayer is a two-way conversation.

Conversation includes listening. We miss a lot when we donít listen. Who better to listen to than your Creator, who loves you dearly and wants the best for you? Slow down and meditate with God. Donít rush your prayer time to squeeze it into your schedule. Set yourself apart from the business and noise of the world as Jesus did.

Take a firm stand on the healing Scriptures

The healing prayers offered on this site are the "talking" part of prayer. Theyíre a guide for you to get started on your prayer journey. They can also help you when you get stuck or are too exhausted to find words to pray (although our spirits communicate with God, and He hears what our spirits are thinking and asking). The sample prayers can also be clipped and read out loud when, for example, youíre exercising on your treadmill.

Donít let the prayers in this selection be the sole source of your prayer time with God. Spend quiet time listening for thoughts and guidance that He gives you, including direction about what to pray, how to pray, when to pray, and who to pray for. His Holy Spirit will guide you in prayer if youíll open yourself up and allow Him to do His work.

Take a firm stand on the healing Scriptures in your Bible (these, and others that the Spirit "lights up" for you.) First, get these healing Scriptures before your eyes. Let them germinate in your mind until they're rooted deep in your spirit. Say them aloud; pray them back to God; believe them until you see healing results.

Accompanied by corresponding action

The Holy Spirit will also guide you in the actions you should take to support your healing and bring healing to full manifestation in your body and mind. They may be positive actions you need to take or they may be negative actions you need to stop.

As the Scripture says in Romans 8:26: "Likewise, the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words."

It may be stopping certain sin in your life. It may be that God wants you to forgive some people before you can receive your healing. Listen for what God wants you to do and if it does not contradict the Word of God, do it. Prayer must be accompanied by corresponding action. Healing is not a passive activity.

Prayer is a spiritual exercise

Prayer is a spiritual exercise which affects our spirits, minds, and bodies. Your entire being is controlled by the Spirit if you allow the Spirit of God to live in you (Romans 8:9). Spiritual exercise is just as important as physical exercise, probably more important.

Pray daily. We communicate with other people many times per day so why wouldn't we do that with our Creator, Sustainer, and Counselor? God's Word says that prayer is important and it works!

Some final words about the healing prayers on this website. Please do not repeat them as a rote exercise without comprehending them and accepting them as your own. Add to them or change them in a way which gives them more personal meaning to you, providing it is consistent with the Word of God.

Your words become affirmations

And--believe the prayers when you say them. It may take some time to fully believe and see results so be patient with yourself, but make a decision to believe. If you make this decision and pray for Godís help, He will move you to believe. Believing is called faith, and faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

Because of this, it helps to say Godís Word and these prayers out loud. It builds your faith. Hearing yourself speak the Word and say the prayers will plant "seeds" in your soul, and they will grow and produce "fruit". Your words become affirmations which bring about the reality of what you speak.

You need to know Godís teachings on healing from His Word--and not just rely on the traditions of the church. You need to believe the truth about Godís healing. Thatís why weíve included a variety of teachings on this website (see Videos/Articles) with a large selection of half-hour videos that you can view any time you like.

                                                                                           -- Mary Graff


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"