Pastor Bob's
Puppet Parables

Pastor Bob's Puppet Parables

Join the adventures of Miss Cora the Chicken, Oretta the Orangutan, Larry the Lion, Willie the Dog, and Honey Bear as they learn the power of healing, forgiveness, and prayer. Based on the Word of God, this delightful puppet production will charm children of all ages.

Recommended for ages 5 and older, "Puppet Parables" is professionally produced in color and stereo. The running time is approximately 30 minutes.

From the Video

Larry the Lion (nursing a bee-sting): The pain! The pain! Can't you make the pain go away?
Pastor Bob: Well . . . let me see what I can do. (Opens his Bible.)
Larry: Pastor Bob, you've got a "doctor book." My mom's got one of those. She looks in it whenever I have a stomach-ache or something.

Pastor Bob: Well, this isn't exactly that kind of "doctor book."
Larry (wonderingly): Pastor Bob, that's your Bible.
Pastor Bob: That's right! The Bible tells us a special way of getting rid of pain.
Larry: Really? What does it say?
Pastor Bob: Well, it says, when we hurt, we should pray. When Jesus died on the Cross, not only did He take our sins, but He took our pain.
Larry (groaning): Like the pain I have in my nose. . . .

To Order

"Puppet Parables" is available in either DVD or VHS format, your choice. The suggested donation to this ministry is $12.00. Shipping is free. To order by mail, click here for a printable order form and mail it with your check or money order to:


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"God's Word Brings Our Healing"