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Healing and Faith

Healing and Faith

Christians in search of a no-nonsense introduction to healing will welcome this classic short course, now available in a new edition. Mary begins it with a striking testimony to her personal experience of God's power, healing every imaginable disease from brain tumors to minor infections.

The text deals with Biblical ways to receive healing, the relation of healing to faith, and the need to align our lifestyles with our prayers for health. The interactive "fill-the-blank" sections of each chapter are an ideal way to stimulate group discussion.

From the Text

"Vast numbers of Christians today know nothing about God's healing through prayer. They limit his healing power to medicine only, and if medicine cannot cure the ailment, then it is deemed incurable. We need to realize that healing has been provided through the atonement of Jesus Christ. . . ."

"In the following pages we are going to lay the groundwork scripturally for the topic of healing. . . . By taking a careful look at these Scriptures, we hope to show that first, God as healer is a familiar theme in the Scriptures; second, that when we pray for healing we need to realize that we are praying according to God's plan and will; and third, that God has already accomplished the healing when he sent Jesus to die for us on the cross. . . ."

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This new edition of Healing and Faith is a saddle-stitched paperback (5 x 8), 48 pages long. Get a FREE digital copy (PDF) by e-mailing us at (just write "Please send HAF"). We'll also e-mail our monthly "Healing Briefs" to you (timely reminders on how to receive healing from God).

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