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Set the Captives Free

Set the Captives Free

The great tragedy of modern Christian life is confusion over the origin of evil. It has kept millions of God's people in prisons of the mind, heart, and spirit. Christians need to be absolutely clear-headed about the issue: mental, moral, emotional, physical, and spiritual bondages are not from God.

Jesus is our Savior, not our Persecutor. The common New Testament word for salvation (soteria) means "health," "preservation," and "deliverance"--not "torment" and "disaster." This booklet argues that every evil we can name originates with Satan, and that God has given us the "way out" through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

From the Text

"We must know the Word of God in order to know what's from God! Otherwise, we just stumble around in confusion, thinking God has sent His beloved children evil, and calamity, and disaster, and disease, and sin. . . .

"When we realize that something we are experiencing, in fact, does not come from God, then [we can] go to work and pull down that stronghold of the devil by using the powerful Word of God. . . . Satan will back off once we learn the Word and use it as a weapon of our warfare!"

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