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Simple Healing

Simple Healing

"Life-changing" is the common response of Christians who have read this new book, the product of Maryís three-plus decades in the healing ministry. Her Bible-based message is that God has the power and the will to heal everything from sickness to bad relationships and failed finances--that is, anything inconsistent with the Kingdom of Heaven.

All thatís necessary is that we know our covenant rights, soak ourselves in the Word until our faith is strong, and take our stand. When we do this, God will literally rush to meet our need. "I know," Mary writes, "because Iíve done it for many years."

From the Text

"In the years since I began to teach healing by faith, Iíve accumulated a drawerful of testimonies from Christians glorifying God for release from cancer, heart disease . . . depression . . . bipolar disease, empty bank-accounts, wrecked marriages--and on and on, through the whole catalog of human ailments. . . ."

"My prayer, then, is that as you read this book on simple healing, the truth of what Jesus has done for you will flood your heart and mind, and spill over into any part of you that is in pain. Whatever you may be suffering from, the Good News is that Godís Son has already set you free."

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Simple Healing, just published, is a 5Ĺ x 8Ĺ paperback, 160 pages. Click here to download a FREE digital copy (PDF) of the introductory chapter.

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"God's Word Brings Our Healing"