"And the prayer of faith
shall save the sick. . . ."

From Mary Graff...

Since God first led me to His healing Scriptures in 1974, I've had the opportunity to pray for everything from infected fingers to heart attacks, and to watch the awesome power of God at work in people's lives. 

Among the ailments I've prayed for are breast tumors, brain tumors, inner-ear disease, reproductive-organ problems, depression, strep infections, strokes, back problems, flu viruses, colds, bronchitis, mononucleosis, encephalitis, bulging and torn spinal discs, eye problems, thyroid disease, and slowness in children with learning problems. [continue...]

From Our Files...

I was fortunate to receive healing for cancer."--Bev (healed of colon cancer)

"I firmly believe that without God's help and the help of this healing ministry, I would not be writing this letter today."--Guy (healed of leukemia)

"I have had back problems since childhood, but no more. God healed me completely."--Diane (healed of back pain)

"He has given me a new heart like HE promised. (Ezekiel 18:31) My health is great. I was delivered and healed. Praise God, the cardiologist agreed it must be a miracle."--Alice (healed of heart arrhythmia)

"I was anointed with oil and the group members prayed for me. That night as I lay in bed, a sound came out of my mouth. I felt as though something had left my body."--Marilyn (delivered from fear)

"We read about healing miracles in the Bible all the time...and now it happened to me. JESUS CHRIST IS STILL HEALING TODAY."--Jeanne (healed of chronic fatigue syndrome)

Longer Testimonies...

"It is now 3 a.m. and I am being forced to write this letter in point form. You were right. I do have very little time due to my move. Even this monumentally important issue of sending this letter is having to be abbreviated. I have written this letter a half dozen times and I have never had the time to polish it off. I hope this letter serves the dual purpose of thanking you, God and Jesus for my healing. . . ." [continue...]

"I received your letter
as a follow-up to our conversation. As I reflected back on those two years, the pain, hurt and anger have diminished. It's like reviewing an old movie, though. The part of the movie which I can remember as though it happened yesterday is . . ." [continue. . .]

"The year 1995 began very uneventfully and then on March 1st it all came to an end, or so I thought. After 9 1/2 years I was terminated from the company I worked for--I was ushered out. I cannot tell you what a state of shock I was in. . . . [continue. . .]

"God's Word Brings Our Healing"