From Mary Graff  (continued)

And in response to prayer, I've seen God heal the whole range of human ailments: cancers, heart disease, mental quirks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, knee problems, allergies, sinus infections, skin lacerations from dog bites, impetigo, broken bones, skin rashes, bone spurs on feet, addictions, destructive attitudes, and so on.

In some of these cases God has worked spectacularly and has shown His power in an instantaneous, awesome way. In other cases the healing has been slower and and has taken longer to manifest in the body.

Godís response to our prayers has been as varied as the things for which weíve prayed. (I use "we" because often I have not done the praying alone, but have done it with my husband or another prayer partner, or with staff from our Healing Center.)

At times the healing has occurred almost the instant the prayer is said. At other times the healing has taken longer to manifest, from a few minutes to several days to several weeks. At times the person being prayed for has felt tremendous heat or light coming from our hands. At other times the person has felt nothing.

A tremendous outpouring of light

At times the persons doing the praying have felt a tremendous outpouring of light or energy or what feels like heat in the hands. At other times nothing at all is perceptible to the "pray-ers". The perception of light or heat or electric energy-charges doesnít seem to affect the way God heals. He can heal with or without these perceptible manifestations.

And thank God His healing doesnít depend on our perceptions of these things. As awesome and as powerful and as spectacular as these manifestations are, they do not define His healing power in the lives of those people prayed for. He can heal with or without our awareness of the spectacular.

Besides, we don't base our faith on electric charges or light rays or heat in our hands. We base our faith on God's Word about healing.

Godís methods of healing are infinite and varied, and we need to be open to all the possibilities and to all the different ways He heals people.


I perceived this healing power as light rays

I would like to share with you just a few instances of healing that I have observed over the last several years. I share these examples with you so that you become aware of the variety of ways that God demonstrates his healing power. Also note that the time frame within which God has healed has been as different and varied as the things for which we have prayed.

One of my early experiences in healing was in praying for a child who was about three years old at the time. He had hurt the index finger on his right hand and the finger had developed an infection in it. It swelled up and I prayed for healing. Nothing happened as I continued to pray over and over again for the finger to be healed. Finally his mother took him to the doctor, thinking that the doctor would lance the infected area. The doctor did nothing, but he said the infection was not serious and would go away by itself.

I prayed for the boy once more, and while I was in prayer, the Lord quietly reminded me to forgive someone against whom I carried resentments. I forgave, and the next thing I knew the healing power of God was flowing off my body in the direction of this child. I perceived this healing power as light rays. It happened so fast that it was startling at first, then rather pleasant to perceive. We finished lunch and went home for his nap. By the next day the finger was almost totally healed.

The healing of our choir director's knee

Another example was the healing of our choir directorís knee. The choir director of the church where my husband was serving had a skiing accident and severely hurt her knee. She was on her way to the doctor one morning and had called me just before she left. I asked her to stop by the house for prayers on her way to the doctorís office. She said, "Canít we just do it over the phone?"

I explained to her that I wanted to actually lay my hands on the knee and pray. Also my husband was home from work that day, so he could help me with the prayers. "No, I want you to come," I told my friend, so she agreed with some hesitation.

She came to the house, hobbled in on her crutches and sat down in a chair. My husband and I put our hands lightly on her knee and prayed for her. She got up and hobbled out on the crutches to go to the doctorís office. Her doctor examined the knee and told her that it probably would require surgery, but that she should come back after the swelling went down in about a week.

The healing felt like warm oil

One week later the knee was healed. It happened like this. This personís daughter had a fever one night and came into her motherís bed. The mother could feel the feverish childís skin next to hers and got up out of bed to get the child into the bathroom into a tub of cool water. As she bent over the child to sponge her off, the child said, "Mom! Youíre on your knees! Youíre healed!" "I am, Iím healed," said the mother.

I experienced a healing once when a friend prayed for me for a puncture wound in my heel near the Achilles tendon. I had been painting the outside of our house and on my way down the ladder backward had jammed my heel into a branch of a newly trimmed bush. The sharp branch penetrated my heel area and was very painful. I called a friend and she agreed to pray for me.

During the prayers she put one hand on my left shoulder and the other hand on my foot. When she started praying, the power of God moved all through my body. This time the healing felt like warm oil being poured throughout my body starting with the left shoulder and left arm and traveling all the way down the trunk of my body into my legs and then back up again. In this instance, the healing power of God was perceptible.

God . . . had been faithful to His Word

At another time on a womenís retreat, a group of friends and I laid hands on a woman for spurs on her heels. She was in a lot of pain. We anointed her with oil and prayed the prayer of faith for her healing. The next morning as I was walking down one of the halls of the church, she was at the other end of the hall and saw me. When she got to me, she threw her arms around my neck and said, "Iím healed! Iím healed!" And indeed she was. She was stomping her feet on the floor as hard as she could and without any pain. God had healed again and had been faithful to His Word.

There are many more examples of headings that I have either seen or personally experienced, which could be written down here. I include these to show that God seldom does any two healings alike. Also, His time-frame is different for every healing. After years of praying for healing, I finally figured out that it is our responsibility to pray and that it is Godís part to heal.

How and when He chooses to accomplish the healing is up to God and God alone. We have no control over that, but only need to trust Him to do it.

                                                                                                                 --Mary Graff


"God's Word Brings Our Healing"