It is now 3 a.m... (continued)

. . . while embedding the idea in your mind and the minds of your board members that your TV Ministry must remain on the air. Here is why it must:
  1. You gave me a healing 4 months ago.
  2. You have given me weekly healings since then.
  3. Your instruction has allowed me to repeatedly heal myself when the pain begins to return.
  4. You have let my daughter see this miracle. She keeps coaching me when the pain returns and she is only 6 years old.
  5. I have often thought that she could become a saint. This is very important exposure for her.
  6. I believe God had me wait to contact you when it would have some important effect. Your upcoming meeting :nay be altered as a result of this letter. I hope you are able to keep your TV Ministry going.

Not one second without massive pain

The following describes my illness:
  1. An auto accident left me with permanent injuries. I had 2 whiplashes, many spinal sprains, 2 rotated vertebrae, and 2 herniated disks.
  2. All of this left me with extreme back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and foot pain. I was barely able to walk for 6 years. Bending over was nearly impossible.

I was in so much continual pain that I intended to locate Benny Hinn for a healing. I really mean that I had continual pain. I had not one second without massive pain until 1998 after 6 years. There were two momentary painless sessions in 1998 before your healing. At that time I thought God was telling me that the pain could be relieved.

Soon I was dancing for joy

On the day I received your healing I was on my back on the sofa while watching your program. There was a point when you said words like " You will receive your healing now. " I was amazed that I did. At the moment you made the statement the pain began to immediately leave the various parts of my body. In moments I had no pain in any part of my body. Soon I was dancing for joy in the living room. My beloved daughter was amazed. Before then I had at different times been unable to move or get up due to the pain and now I could jump around.

Over the last few days I have given myself the ultimate test. I have moved 8000 pounds of furniture by myself. Without your healing I would still be wondering how I could be expected to live another 40 years with such pain. Without your educational methods I would also not be able to heal myself when the pain returns.

I experienced what felt like an electric jolt

When I talk of the pain returning I am not meaning that it returns in full force. It is perhaps 1/10 of what it was. I can get rid of this in just a moment with your prayers.

The muscle strain I felt from moving 8000 lbs. of furniture down stairs and into a truck in 2 hours was about 1/10 the pain that I had felt non-stop for 6 years.

I can never thank you enough for your good work and so I will ask you to do what ever you must to remain on the air. I had wanted to take something worthwhile back to my country. Perhaps I will be able to take your ministry back with me.



"God's Word Brings Our Healing"