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As Christians, weíre expected to enforce the healing Word against anything that stands in its way. The eighteen teachings below will give you plenty of insights on how to do it. 

Several of these programs ("iLife classics") were broadcast nationally on the Inspiration Network. Others ("St. Johnís classics") were professionally produced early in Maryís television ministry. Click any title.

I. More about Your Covenant for Total Healing

Video 13: "Deliver Them!" (an iLife classic). Maryís vision of Christians leading 
        broken, tormented lives, and the Lordís command following the vision.

Video 14: "We Heal Us" (a St. Johnís classic). An eye-opening translation of
        Isaiah 53:5 clarifies our part in receiving wholeness from the Lord.

     Video 15: Covenant Power (a St. Johnís classic). The Word is the ultimate
        power source for Christians who are fed up with their helplessness.
More about Your Authority as a Christian

Video 16: Taking Authority (an iLife classic). Any Christian can tap into Luke
        10:19 for power to send the enemy packing.

Video 17: Big Prayer Keys (an iLife classic). How to trash all the "gifts" of the 
        devil, from physical illness to depression, obsession, and addiction.

     Video 18: Prayers in Difficult Circumstances (an iLife classic). When things look
hopeless, we need to to kick in immediately with the healing Word.

More about The Healing Power of God's Word

Video 19: Designed to Bring Healing. Godís healing power flows from His Word. 
        Letís dust off our Bibles and get into the flow.

Video 20: Importance of the Word (an iLife classic). Anything that promotes
        health is Godís gift, but His healing Word is a special gift to Christians.

More about Building Your Faith

Video 21: How We Build Faith (an iLife classic). We canít lean forever on other
        peopleís faith. God wants us to grow up and move our own mountains.

Video 22: According to Your Faith (an iLife classic). Scripture teaches that if
        we believe God for healing, itís ours--like any other part of salvation.

More about Barriers to Healing

Video 23: Three Issues in Getting Healed. Receiving healing and keeping it
        are two distinct matters. Hereís how to stay healed permanently.

Video 24: Healing from the Inside Out (an iLife classic). Staying clean is
        necessary to staying healed; we need to forgive and to be forgiven.

More about Getting Free from Spiritual Oppression

Video 25: Dealing with Inherited Oppression. The Bible describes "generational 
        curses" that need to be broken. Hereís how to do it.

Video 26: The Great Lift-Off. Letís get a revelation that Jesus has already
        removed every dead weight from our minds, bodies, and spirits.

     Video 27: Getting free from addictions. We donít need to deal with obsessive
        behaviors in our own strength; deliverance is ours as a gift.

VII: Summing Up: The Healed Lifestyle

Video 28: The Healed Mindset. Living in God-given health doesnít cost a dime,
        and there are no unpleasant side effects.

Video 29: Healed Finances--and More. An important scriptural principle is that
        what we receive from God is geared to what we give.

     Video 30: Complete Wholeness (a St. Johnís classic). "Jesus Christ has provided
        healing for every part of you."

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"God's Word Brings Our Healing"