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Healing by Faith: The Basics

"Every Christian," Mary Graff writes in Simple Healing, "can draw on God's limitless power . . . power to pray, power to witness, power to believe, power to be healed in body, mind, and spirit."  The twelve programs listed here will show you how to plug into the Lord's healing power.  Just click the title that interests you.

I. Your Covenant for Total Healing

Video 1: The God of Shalom. The Hebrew word shalom means "wholeness," 
        and it sums up Godís will for every part of your lifeóyour body, mind, spirit,
        job, marriage, children, and relationships

Video 2: Know Your Covenant. We need a clear understanding of whatís
        covered by our "contract" with the Lord, so we can receive all the benefits
        that He wants us to have

II. Your Authority as a Christian

Video 3: The Authority of the Believer. If youíve received Jesus as your Savior,
        you have complete authority to bind up and cast out whatever the devil
        sends your way. Hereís how to get it done

Video 4: You Take Authority. How do we cope with the evil that comes against
        us? By standing on our authority according to the Word of God, and
        continuing to stand until the enemy collapses

III. The Healing Power of God's Word

Video 5: Apply the Healing Scriptures. God, His Word, and His power all go
        together. Thatís why the Lordís Word, spoken in faith by one of His children,
        will release His healing power wherever itís needed

Video 6: Plant the Healing Word. Sow the Scriptures by speaking them to 
        your troubles. If you'll just plant the Word, the Lord will see that it brings
        you a crop of healing

IV: Building Your Faith

Video 7: Let's Get Connected. God's healing is the result of a relationship,
        not a method. The way to build healing faith is to spend quality time with
        our Rescuer as well as with our Bibles. 

Video 8: Nothing but the Truth. An important part of faith-building is knowing
        what not to believe. Let's trust the Word alone, setting aside conventional
        "wisdom" and all the doubt and second-guessing that go with it.

V: Barriers to Healing

Video 9: Clean-Sweep Forgiveness. Nothing cancels our prayer power quicker
        than a grudge, even a small one. When weíre offended, we need to "just let
        it drop." If we donít, weíre the ones who suffer

Video 10: Forgiven and Healed. Our spiritual, mental, and physical lives are
        linked, though we tend to view them separately. Thatís why staying clean
        before the Lord prepares us for healing

VI: Getting Free from Spiritual Oppression

Video 11: Jesus Came to Deliver You. The forces of evil can attach themselves
        like parasites to our bodies, brains, and relationships, but we have the power
        and authority to get rid of them

Video 12: Deliverance and Wholeness. Godís will for us is shalomóeverything
        in place and working properly. Our enemy does his best to keep us off target.
        Hereís how to stand against him

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"God's Word Brings Our Healing"